1. AIGA Technical Committee Meeting - AIGA thanks Asosiasi Gas Industri Indonesia ( AGII) for hosting the 45th Technical Committee Meeting in Jakarta
The 45th meeting of AIGA Technical Committee and Safety Advisory Group was held on 23-24 January 2018 at Sultan Hotel Jakarta. The meeting was hosted by Steering Committe of Asosiasi Gas Industri, Indonesia. Apart from discussions of learning from Safety incidents, other relevant topics and review of publications work, there were excellent exchange of views and collaboration between AGII and AIGA Members.
Published on: 02-02-2018
2. New Board Member - Welcome to Mr Francois Abrial, Executive Vice President - Asia Pacific Hub and Member of the Executive Committee of Air Liquide Group who joins AIGA Board as Member.
Mr Francois Abrial Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific Hub and Member of the Executive Committee of Air Liquide Group joins AIGA Board as Member in place of Mr Mok Kong Weng who relinquished the membership at the 23 Nov 2017 Board Meeting held in Shanghai. AIGA sincerely thanks Mr Mok Kong Weng for his great contribution to AIGA over more than 10 years.
Published on: 08-12-2017
3. New members in AIGA Safety Advisory Group - AIGA welcomes Venkatadas Devisetty of Praxair and Aleron Tan of TNSC for joining AIGA Safety Advisory Group as members representing their respective companies in Asia.

Published on: 08-12-2017
4. Release of New AIGA Publication 098/17 - AIGA has released a new publication 098/17, A Reference Guide for Industrial Gas Cylinder Valve Outlet Connections

Published on: 03-08-2017
5. Release of new AIGA Publication 097/17 - AIGA publishes a new document 097/17, A Reference Guide on Medicinal Gas Cylinder Valves

Published on: 05-06-2017
6. Release of New Training Package - AIGA releases a new Traning Package TP 22/17 - Recent(2016)Accidents Incidents in Gases Industry in Asia

Published on: 12-04-2017
7. NEW AIGA TRAINING PACAKAGE - AIGA published TP 21/16 on "Safe Filling of Open Top Dewars & Flasks from Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders/vessels"

Published on: 30-12-2016
8. New Harmonised Publication - AIGA has publishded a new Globally Harmonised Publication 063/16, Use of Residual Pressure Valves

Published on: 02-09-2016
9. Revised AIGA Publication - AIGA has issued a revised Publication AIGA 036/16, Guidelines on Managing Waste Acetylene Cylinder
AIGA Packaged Gases Work Group has revised 036/06 and the same has been released as 036/16.
Published on: 21-07-2016
10. Revised AIGA Publication - AIGA has published a revised AIGA publication 037/16, Permissible Charge/Filling of Acetylene in Cylinders, Bundles and Battery Vehicles

Published on: 13-07-2016
11. Revised Harmonised Publication - AIGA Published a revised harmonised publication 052/16, Storage & Handling of Silane and Silane Mixtures

Published on: 13-07-2016